Scott McCall and the rest of the Beacon Hills gang will return to face a new set of threats in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. There has been a lot of speculations about what’s going to go down in the upcoming installment of the hit MTV series, but we’ve rounded up what we know about the show so far.

Allison Argent returning from the dead?

In Season 3, Allison (Crystal Reed) died while saving Lydia from the Nogitsune. As Allison drew her final breaths, Scott (Tyler Posey) wrapped her around his arms, during which she said to him, “I’m in the arms of the first person I ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.”

Allison’s shocking death left a lot of tears in fans’ eyes and even garnered backlash for killing a prominent character in the series. But things might be looking up for Scallison fans.

Reed returned to the series in its Season 5 outing. However, she did not portray Allison, but Marie-Jeanne Valet, one of the first members of the Argent bloodline. The actress’ recurring appearance could be a hint that she hasn’t really left the series, and that she could return one way or another. Given the show’s supernatural genre, Allison fate is open to a lot of possibilities.

Scott and company face three big villains

The Nazi zombie that was released in Season 5 is still hanging out in Beacon Hills and preparing to wreak havoc in “Teen Wolf” Season 6.

“He will be lurking about Season 6 and causing a lot of trouble. It may actually allow us to explore another episode in WWII,” showrunner Jeff Davis told TV Guide. “We had a lot of fun doing the fox and the wolf with the Japanese internment camp episode so we may revisit that.”

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Davis also teased of another enemy that he described as “pretty” big and “technically difficult” to pull off. All the villains will fit into the sixth season’s “ghost story” theme where a new “mythology” will be explored.

Dylan O’Brien reprises role in “Teen Wolf” Season 6

Despite the rumours about One Direction member Harry Styles possibly joining the “Teen Wolf” cast in O’Brien’s absence, it seems “The Maze Runner” star will stay with the series. As a matter of fact, Davis shared that the new season will delve deeper into Stiles and Lydia’s relationship.

“[‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6] has a great Lydia-Stiles story,” Davis revealed. “I think that’ll make a lot of Stydia fans happy.”

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In an interview with Hollywood Life, Davis stated that “something very big happens between Stiles and Lydia in the first episode of Season 6.”

New cast members will be introduced

Ross Butler will be joining the “Teen Wolf” cast as Nathan, the new member of Stiles and Scott’s lacrosse team.  Beacon Hills High School will also have a new teacher named Mr. Douglas, to be played by Pete Ploszek. Finally, Gabrielle Elyse and Alisha Hienvich will appear as new students at Beacon Hills.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is expected to return to MTV this fall.