“Teen Wolf” Scott McCall will definitely be back on the show’s season 5B. After rising from the dead, fans have looked forward to the hottie’s return in Beacon Hills. But is he the hottest in the world of supernatural creatures?

Avid fans of supernatural drama TV shows know that the world of werewolves won’t coincide with vampires. In other words, they will never be friends with vampires. Some TV show fanatics claim that “Vampire Diaries” Stefan Salvatore is way hotter than Scott.

Who do you think is hotter, Scott or Stefan?

Scott McCall

After the “Teen Wolf” protagonist was turned into a werewolf, he learned to embrace his supernatural nature. Amidst that gorgeous-looking face and supernatural abilities, Scott also possesses the power of love. He uses his abilities to protect his family, friends, and the world-at-large.

He’s generous, sweet, and keeps on saving the Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. He values respect above all things. His love for his mom is highly admirable.

Oh, and did we mention he has an endearing smile and cute dimples? Who can stop herself from staring at him? Not a single soul.

Tyler will not be a regular in this upcoming season of Teen Wolf 😭🐺 (there is a link on mtv's Twitter account)

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Stefan Salvatore

“Vampire Diaries” fans know Stefan Salvatore as the good, charming, and selfless Salvatore brother. Although he faces trouble in controlling his bloodlust, he would do anything to protect the people he loves. The younger Salvatore never forgets to strap on his hero hair.

His love for his brother Damon is endless. Remember the numerous times they fought with each other? But at the end of the day, he won’t be able to leave his brother. He truly knows the value of sacrifice.

Aside from his brooding look and admirable attitude, this hottie won’t let you starve. How do you respond to, “what do you like for dinner?” Simple. Just say, “You.”

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Now that we’ve laid down the facts, have you decided on who’s hotter between the two? We’ll give you more time to stare.