“Teen Wolf” Season 5 just got back last week. But with a new villain and returning characters on board, fans are now speculating on where the show’s heading to. Reports mentioned that Tyler Posey might direct an episode!

However, it won’t happen this season. But don’t worry because actor Linden Ashby teased that the cast is already looking forward to it. Are you excited for Tyler’s directing debut?

Speaking to Design & Trend, Ashby said,

“I think everyone will be incredibly supportive. I think he’ll be good at it. It’s family, man. We all want each other to succeed. We’ve got his back. He’s got a good support system in place.”

Ashby noted that Tyler will have to prepare for it. Nonetheless, Tyler’s up for the challenge. In his recent interview with The Wrap, the actor admitted that he is ready.

Tyler said,

“I have a lot of knowledge of what would be good from a directing standpoint. I just have this innate vision. And I just kind of get it. I grew up on a set, so it’s just there. It’s second nature. I’ve been producing a lot, asking a lot of questions, kind of visually and mentally laying out the script shot-by-shot.”

He mentioned that he’s always behind the camera. Aside from acting, the “Teen Wolf” star admitted that he’s hoping to shoot his own film this year. He’s even bringing Dylan Sprayberry in his travel to Wyoming.

Recently, the actor admitted to US Weekly how much he loves “Teen Wolf”. Aside from directing, Tyler revealed that he’s open to become a head writer for the show someday.

But what can fans expect in Season 6? Ashby mentioned that it would be “phenomenal.”

“Very kind of adult themes are being explored in season 6. [It’s] complex. And I’m just sitting here with a big grin on my face because it’s just going to be fucking good.”

Teen Wolf” airs every Tuesday, 9PM, on MTV.