All you Teen Wolf fans! Don’t read ahead, if you want to be surprised when the episode airs. Rest of you who want to know beforehand what will happen, go ahead — read along.We had earlier reported a few and here are more.

According to Fashion & Style, Scott and Stiles will patch things up today. In fact, after taking Lydia to the hospital, Scott will go to visit Stiles’ father — Sheriff Stilinski, who’s in the hospital. Scott and Stiles will learn that the Sheriff is infected with something that is also endangering his life.

Upon realizing this, Stiles will confront Theo, thinking that the latter was responsible. While Theo will deny the allegation, Scott will realize that he (Theo) is being honest. He will convince Stiles that something else has infected the Sheriff.

According to Christian Today, Scott and Stiles, who had a big fallout during the first half of season 5 have recently got back together, but according to executive producer Jeff Davis, there is the need to properly re-establish the two’s reunion. Davis states that the episode will be about “reaffirming and strengthening their friendship. That’s a little bit longer of a reconciliation. We didn’t want to just patch things up in one episode.”

Later on, they realize that Noah might be responsible for the infection. In the meantime, Theo will be getting his pack of chimeras resurrected and wants Parrish to fight The Beast of Gévaudan. The episode will also see Lydia explaining to Dr Valack her dream, where she sees Theo’s sister’s heart being taken out.

Stiles will also have an argument will Lydia’s mother, who will have her (Lydia) committed to the Eichen House, the mental institution. According to ibtimes, Theo and his pack will reach Eichen House, only to find Lydia and Dr Valack. However, Theo is looking for the hellhound. The episode will end with Parrish’s arrival.