Scott and Kira are going to spend some time together in the upcoming episode of “Teen Wolf” season 5B.

However, this intimate moment between the two will be short lived and will end up with a familiar look in Kira’s eyes, Cartermatt reported.

Scott’s pack will be back together and they will double their effort to track down the beast, Enstarz wrote.

In the upcoming episode 17, titled “A Credible Threat,” of season 5B, Scott and his pack will organize a charity lacrosse game as a way to crack the identity of the Beast. However, instead of helping the pack, the game might end up getting in the way of Scott’s plan, Ecumenical News reported.

It was earlier reported that Beast of Gévaudan’s identity will finally be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Teen Wolf” season 5B.

Actor Tyler Posey, who played Scott, earlier teased that fans will see a lot of deaths in the second half of this season.  Tyler also hinted that Scott will get darker while Liam will ask help from his character and they would work together. The two will create a new pack and Scott will probably bite a 14-year-old nerd.

Meanwhile, the “Who Is The Beast” trailer video appeared to contain a clue in Morse code. Enstarz noted that a user on the “Teen Wolf” wiki has translated it as “Someone You Know.”

Although the translation has not been confirmed to be accurate, the site pointed out that it likely to be true. MTV News which highlighted the same  phrase – “someone we know” – in an article speculating on La Bête’s identity.

Enstarz also noted that this is not the first time the MTV show planted clues. In season four, several teasers were offered on the show’s website and in the actors’ tweets.

“Teen Wolf” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.