The Beast of Gévaudan’s identify will finally be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Teen Wolf” season 5B.

According to International Business Times, lacrosse will make a comeback in episode 17, but the game might delay Scott’s (Tyler Posey) plan. Scott is still on a mission to bring his brothers back together while Theo has been training for the brewing war, Christian Post noted.

The synopsis of the MTV show’s episode 17, titled “A Credible Threat,” stated: “Scott and his pack use a charity lacrosse game in a deadly gambit to figure out the identity of the Beast.”

The episode trailer also showed that the pact wants to forfeit the game against Devenford Prep. However, only one person that is capable of doing that is Coach Finstock (Orny Adams).

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The gang earlier rescued Lydia (Holland Roden) from Dr. Valack (Steven Brand) at the Eichen House. But before the doctor made his head explode, he revealed the reason why he was experimenting on Lydia – he wanted to know the Beast of Gévaudan’s real identity.

Executive producer Jeff Davis earlier teased about the upcoming rescue mission.

He said: “I think it’s definitely going to be a pretty epic moment in this two-part episode of 515 and 516. I don’t want to tease too much because we want it to be surprising, but it will satisfy certain fans I hope. Maybe piss off many others, but that always happens.”

Christian Post wrote, citing report, that the wolf brothers will use a charity game to flush out the monster that started terror in Beacon Hills.

It was previously reported that who will get to defeat the Beast will get its powers. Scott was speculated to challenge The Beast but Theo also has plans for getting ahead of him.

Meanwhile, the final episode of “Teen Wolf”, titled “The Pack,” suggests that only one group will be left standing at the end of this season, Christian Post noted.

Who do you think will win the war?

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 17 airs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.