“Teen Wolf” fans know that the pack will have to face The Beast of Gévaudan anytime soon. And when it finally arrives, will Beacon Hills be ready for it?

Entertainment Weekly reported that The Beast is about to arrive. Executive Producer Jeff Davis teased what fans should expect from “history’s most vicious, most famous werewolf.”

Davis said,

“It’s formed by shadows. The chimera that’s inside it is sort of surrounded by it. The person — we don’t know whether it’s a he or she yet — doesn’t necessarily transform like Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. It’s actually more just shadows and darkness take shape around that person.”

Here are photos of The Beast:

With The Beast’s arrival in Beacon Hills, things are not going to be easy for the pack. Actor Tyler Posey mentioned that the upcoming episodes would feature deaths.

“[The show will have] lots of death — probably the most death we’ve ever had on this show,” Posey said.

EP Jeff Davis mentioned that “Teen Wolf” 5B will be about figuring The Beast’s real identity. And while Scott and the pack is trying to discover who’s inside The Beast, they also have to find out how will they defeat it.

Earlier this week, Davis revealed to BuzzFeed News a character which involves the return of Crystal Reed on the show. Reed will play the role of Marie-Jeanne Valet, who is the Maid of Gévaudan. In Episode 18,  Gerard Argent will tell the story of Valet to Scott’s pack.

Davis describe Valet as:

“She was a peasant girl who had fashioned a bayonet onto a spear and was supposedly one of the first to survive an attack by the beast.”

It was previously reported that who will get to defeat the Beast will get its powers. Scott was speculated to challenge The Beast. However, Theo has also plans on getting ahead of him.

Who do you think will kill The Beast?

“Teen Wolf” airs every Tuesday, 9PM, on MTV.