“Teen Wolf” fans are excited to witness more adventure-packed scenes on the show’s 5B. After Scott has risen from the dead, what would be the changes now? Has he turned evil?

According to Yibada, Youth Health Magazine speculated that Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) will turn into a villain on Season 5B. The site mentioned that Scott will challenge Beast, which is a new villain on the show.

With the help of his pack, Scott will be able to defeat the Beast of Gevaudan. Likewise, Deucalion (Gideon Emery) will return on “Teen Wolf” to help them. Despite being a villain in Season 3, the site noted that Deucalion will now be “one of the good guys.”

As mentioned on Christian Post, the pack should watch out for the Beast of Gevaudan. In the new trailer, the Beast was described as “history’s most vicious, most famous werewolf.” Few glimpses of the frightening creature showed its sharp claws.

As reported on Fashion & Style, Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) knows about the Beast and “most probably would want its power for himself.” Yes, those who will get to defeat the Beast will get its powers. As such, Theo is reported to get help from Deucalion.

But if Deucalion will help Scott kill the Beast, it looks like the power will be transferred to Scott. Will the Beast’s power turn him into a villain? And about Theo, is he Scott’s ally or enemy?

Executive Producer told Entertainment Weekly that Theo’s character is “a complex one.” Davis revealed that Theo can transform into a “coyote,” which makes him “very dangerous.” Moreover, he mentioned that 5B will be about resurrection.

Davis said,

“We call season 5B a season of resurrection because it’s partly Scott has come back from the dead and he has to bring his pack now back from the dead as well. It’s all about what his mother said at the end, give them hope. So he’s got to find hope again.”

Teen Wolf” returns on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, on MTV.