One of “Teen Wolf’s” favorite characters may be leaving Beacon Hills soon.

During the recent New York Comic Con, “Teen Wolf” executive producer Jeff Davis hinted the possibility of Dylan O’Brien leaving the show.

Davis teased that O’Brien’s departure could happen when “Teen Wolf” returns for the second-half of season five, Christian Today reported.

O’Brien plays Stiles Stilinski, who has a special relationship with Lydia Martin (Holland Roden).

According to Realty Today, viewers will see Stiles in season 5B risking his life to save Lydia from her confinement in Eichen House since he is the only one in the pack who does not have supernatural powers.

Davis teased that there will be epic scenes in episodes 16 and 17.

The MTV drama series EP earlier admitted that he was not expecting “Teen Wolf” to last beyond Season Five.

“When we initially planned this, I thought season five was going to be the last season of Teen Wolf, so we were planning on going out pretty big. We’re still planning on going out big — it’s just now we’re going to get another season,” he said.

Then again, Davis assured that “Teen Wolf” 5B will still be packed with horror, but there will also be some action and a little bit of humor.

Davis told Forbes magazine, “What I like to say is we’re getting our sense of humor back in 5b. It’s a much more hopeful, much more optimistic show in 5b.”

“Teen Wolf” stars Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, and Cody Christian earlier said “The Beast” will appear in 5B.

Christian said, “The name itself tells what this monster creature is. It’s a beast.”

Posey added, “It’s ominous. It’s scary. But there’s not much we can say. Part of it is because we don’t know much about it, as actors.”

“Teen Wolf” season 5B returns on January 5, 2016 in new time slot – Tuesday at 9pm – on MTV.