More the merrier and who wouldn’t appreciate another addition to the group of shapeshifters? As it turns out, Teen Wolf fans will witness the arrival of Skinwalkers, during the second half of Season 5.

According to the report on Teen Wolf News, Executive Producer Jeff Davis shared that Kira and her mother will be seen dealing with Skinwalkers, besides tackling the Dread Doctors and their La Bete.

Many are probably wondering how they come face to face with such a tribal legend. As it appears, Kira and her mother travel away from Beacon Hills in search of a solution for her fox spirit’s issue. It is during their travel that they will have to face the  Skinwalkers.

Sharing details about bringing the Native American legend to life onscreen, Davis says, “We worked with a Navajo consultant.”

The mother-daughter duo will be travelling far and wide to arrive in another state. Davis shares, “The scenes take place out at Shiprock in New Mexico.” These scenes were shot last month at the popular Vasquez Rock formation. CGI and other tricks will be employed to transform the location into New Mexico, onscreen.

As noted by Movie Pilot, a previous sneak-peep into the Native American twist coming into the show was provided  by the images on the set. This included “an image of a blackboard at Beacon Hills High School showing details about the Ojibwe or Chippawa group of Native Americans.” As revealed by the site, Tonantzin Carmelo was seen shooting for “Teen Wolf” sparking off rumors that she is indeed the actor zeroed in for her role as a Native American.

For those not in the know, Teen Wolf Season 5 will resume on a new time slot and day. Fans can catch the show on MTV on Tuesday at 9pm. The second half of Teen Wolf Season 5 premiers on January 5, 2016.