“Teen Wolf” reveals the presence of a fourth Dread Doctor, Enstars reports. In a clip from the episode, titled “Amplification,” Doctor Gabriel Valack brings out a mask that looks like the one donned by the Dread Doctors.

Nurse Cross joins Valack in the scene. What follows is a dreadful turn of events for her. Take a sneak peek.


How he got hold of the odd-looking helmet is a mystery. Valack is the resident expert in Beacon Hills about the villainous Dread Doctors. Yet it seems he knows more than what he has told Scott and his pack, Design&Trend reveals.

As earlier reported, the fate of the Dread Doctors and the show’s characters will continue to unfold until the season’s last episode.

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jeff Davis also revealed, “Unmasking is definitely on the table.”

Davis added, “The makeup for underneath the surgeons’ masks … our makeup effects artist did a phenomenal job. We’re happy about it. You’ll see it eventually.”

Promotional clips for “Amplification” revealed more about the episode. Lydia (Holland Roden) remains locked up in the Eichen House. Due to the impending danger to Lydia, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) plans to rescue her.


However, Theo (Cody Christian) has a different plan for Lydia.

Plans to rescue Lydia began at the end of episode 514. The official synopsis of episode 515 at MTV.com “Teen Wolf.”

EP Jeff Davis earlier teased about the upcoming rescue mission in an interview last year with HollywoodLife.

He said, “I think it’s definitely going to be a pretty epic moment in this two-part episode of 515 and 516.” Davis added, “I don’t want to tease too much because we want it to be surprising, but it will satisfy certain fans I hope. Maybe piss off many others, but that always happens.”

“Teen Wolf” airs every Tuesday at 9 P.M. ET on MTV.