“Teen Wolf” season 5B is set to return on January 5, 2016 and the excitement continues to build up.

What else can you expect in the second part of season five?

Caution: Spoilers Ahead


Theo has to become a real werewolf and he will try to steal the Beast powers.

“Teen Wolf” executive producer Jeff Davis revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Theo’s ability to transform into a coyote will also make him “very dangerous.” This suggests that Theo could probably turn into a villain in the second half of the season.

Malia and the Desert Wolf

“Teen Wolf” season 5B will be a big one for Malia.

Davis told TV Line that Malia will feature heavily in the continuation of season five. She will “take a step back” for a couple of episodes, and then “14 is all about Malia,” Davis said.

Movie Pilot noted that is still unclear why Desert Wolf wants Malia to die. But she will turn to Theo for help in dealing with the Desert Wolf, which will make life extra difficult with Stiles.

Jordan Parrish

The police officer transformed into a Hellhound, a beast that can’t die, in the first half episodes of season 5.

Ryan Kelley, who plays Parrish, hinted that the rest of the episodes in the current season will have him take on more than three fights.

While he did not share much detail about what exactly the fights will be like, it was speculated that it will involve the newest villain of the series, The Beast, Christian Today wrote.

Davis also told EW that they played with the idea of Parrish being unsure of where he stood morally and fans will get a chance to know more about the character’s past in the upcoming episode.

Returning Cast

There are several characters that will return in Beacon Hills.

Davis earlier confirmed that there will be some teenagers from the past that are coming back on the second half of season five. However, he declined to give further details about the characters.

Chris Argent will also come back. The werewolf hunter was last seen in the season four finale.

According to actor J.R. Bourne, his agent character has been “dealing with a few things” when he was away, Movie Pilot wrote.