More exciting story lines are coming in the second half of “Teen Wolf” season five.

Warning: this contains major season 5B spoilers.

Returning Cast

“Teen Wolf” producer Jeff Davis hinted that there will be some teenagers from the past that are coming back on the second half of season five. However, he declined to give further details about the characters.

“I can’t say too much about that, because I tried getting 2 people back, 1 might come, another teen also is back, but that was earlier confirmed. The other Teen just is too busy I guess. His story would be pretty cool in season 6B and 7A. That’s actually what would lead him back into Beacon Hills. But we’ll see,” Davis told Movie Pilot.

When pressed if he was referring to Derek or Jackson, the producer replied: “I can’t say haha. It’s a surprise if the “Teen” comes back. haha.”

No Derek in 5B

Davis confirmed that Derek will not be making a cameo in the upcoming season 5B, Movie Pilot wrote. He did say however that they are not discounting this possibility in the next season of the MTV’s supernatural drama series.

More New Villains

There will be more villains in Beacon Hills – the Desert Wolf, the Dread Doctors, and the Beast. Davis also revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Theo’s ability to transform to a coyote will also makes him “very dangerous.”

Deputy Parrish

“Teen Wolf” star Ryan Kelley teased about more fight scenes for Deputy Jordan Parrish in the upcoming season 5B.

In the first half episodes of season 5, Parrish’s supernatural identity has been revealed.

Kelley said his Hellbound character is still learning to control his supernatural powers . He added that Parrish will have more than three crazy fight scenes in 5B, the International Business Times reported.

Stiles and Malia

Davis told EW that relationships on the show are always in their mind, hinting that a glowing romance between Stiles and Malia is still possible in 5B.

“Teen Wolf” season 5B airs in January 2016.