“Teen Wolf” Season 5B is expected to be adventure-packed with new villains on board. Aside from The Beast of Gévaudan, our favorite characters must also deal with the Dread Doctors and likewise, their personal struggles.

According to TV Line, fans will see Lydia use the power of her voice. After Meredith Walker promised to teach her the ways of banshee-dom, she’ll be keeping her word. Likewise, a guest star is reported to join them.

Executive Producer Jeff Davis told the site,

“You’ll discover exactly how Lydia learned to use the power of her voice. And a great guest star comes in to teach her.”

As previously reported on TV.com, actress Holland Roden teased that her character is a central part of the puzzle.

“She’s constantly sweating and crying and trying to figure out why she’s locked in this room, [but] she’s very much the central piece of the puzzle,” Roden teased.

Meanwhile, EP Davis mentioned that the show will explore the identities of the Dread Doctors. They are the ones who resurrected “history’s most vicious werewolf.” And according to Davis, “Teen Wolf” fans will know more about them before the end of the season.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Davis said,

“We’ve been treating the 20 episodes as one storyline, so this thing will wrap up in 520. You’ll know the fate of the Dread Doctors, you’ll know the fate of all of our characters, and how it leads into season 6.”

Moreover, Davis teased that the identities of the Dread Doctors will soon be “unmasked.” Any idea who or what are they?

But aside from The Beast and the Dread Doctors, our favorite characters will also have to deal with other villains on the show. Or course, Deucalion and Gerard are also back this season. As mentioned on Entertainment Weekly, Theo and Gerard plans on defeating The Beast for “their own advantage.”

Nonetheless, Executive Producer Davis has a promise to avid fans:

“You’ll see how things fall together or fall apart by the end of the season.”

“Teen Wolf” airs every Tuesday at 9 P.M. ET on MTV.