Teen Wolf” Season 5B will witness Crystal Reed coming back and MTV has gone ahead and given us a sneak-peek into her new avatar.

She isn’t coming back as Allison, who tragically died but as one of her ancestors, as noted by JustJaredJr. Reed will be playing the part of a French Woman named Marie-Jeanne Valet in the 18th Century. And she takes on the dreaded Beast of Gévaudan. The “Teen Wolf” fandom may be excited to learn that the similarities between Allison and Marie-Jeanne don’t end with their looks, as noted by International Business Times. Allison’s ancestor has displayed her archery skills and her courage in the teasers shared by MTV.

The first clip features Marie-Jeanne wandering around in a snow-clad forest and Gerard Agent’s (Michael Hogan) voiceover reveals, “She would be known by history as the Maid of Gévaudan, but her real name was Marie-Jeanne.”

Take a peek at the clip below:

The second teaser shows Marie-Jeanne joined by a few men to assist her with the search for the Beast. And as fate would have it, the Beast attacks the group resulting in the brave huntress being separated from the group. The Beast takes on the men and soon corners Marie-Jeanne. With her crossbow knocked out of her hands, she now only has a small dagger to her aid.

Watch the teaser here:

Reed is joined by Gilles Marini and Lachlan Buchanan in the episode. And for those fans still wondering, she didn’t shoot with any of her previous co-stars. Reportedly, Marini plays a soldier, while Buchanan will be seen playing the part of an Argent who is a loner and resides in the forest. The actress also shared a small video clip of her performing a stunt on the sets of “Teen Wolf” for her fans, on her official Instagram account.


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The nail-biting, heart-thumping teaser may have made the wait for fans that much more difficult. Catch this episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 5B today, February 23 at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.