Ted Cruz does not seem to have many friends in Washington. His road to the White House comes with a fight against the Washington elite. A number of major people from that community have already expressed their dislike of the Texas senator. Not a single governor or senator has backed Cruz’s presidential campaign.

Even though he secured an emphatic win in the Iowa caucuses, polls reveal he is far behind in New Hampshire primaries.

Former presidential candidate John McCain has previously called him “wacko.” A Speaker of the House of Representatives has called him a “jackass.” Despite such testimonials, not many in the United States and abroad know who Cruz is.

Who is Ted Cruz?

Cruz was born in Canada. His father was a Cuban immigrant while his mother is a US citizen. Trump previously claimed Cruz was ineligible to run for the president because he had been born outside the US. However, his defence was he had been born to an American mother, which made him a US citizen by birthright.

How Long Can He Speak?

In September 2013, Cruz spoke for more than 21 hours on the Senate floor to dismiss Obamacare. According to Senate Historian Don Ritchie, it all depends on how much stamina a person has. However, the secret behind such “rhetorical marathon” is not known to many.

“That’s one of those things that is so personal that there are only a couple of people who know,” CNN quoted Ritchie as saying. “And they will probably take it to their graves.”

Jokes About Cruz

According to Al Jazeera, there is an old joke in Washington about Cruz. “Why do people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It saves time.”

American comedian Seth Meyers made fun of Cruz too. “Donald Trump said last night that despite calling Ted Cruz a ‘maniac,’ he has since learned that Cruz has a ‘wonderful temperament.’ And if Donald Trump thinks you have a ‘wonderful temperament,’ you’re probably a maniac,” he said.

“Ted Cruz has been moving up in the polls but still is only the fourth most popular cruise behind Tom, Penelope, and Carnival,” said popular TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

In addition to the jokes, recent polls are not favouring Cruz either. According to the latest CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Primary Poll, only 12 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire support Cruz.

The relief for Cruz should be the fact that only 39 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire have “definitely decided” whom to vote.