Republican Ted Cruz has rejected the presidential candidature of Donald Trump on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, the acceptance speech of the latter has reportedly leaked.

Where Democrat Bernie Sanders has favored and endorsed US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly, the gap between Cruz and Trump seems to be increasing. The former rival of the US Republican presidential candidate strongly defended his decision to reject endorsing Trump. On Thursday, during the convention, he said that he is not used to supporting a politician who targets his family.

When questioned by the Texas delegation in Cleveland, he said that Trump attacked his wife and his father, which was reason enough to reject endorsing him. However, he congratulated his party nomination winner in his speech. “I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night,” Cruz said. “And like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes prevail in November.”

“Don’t stay home in November,” Cruz concluded the speech without endorsing Trump while the crowd enchanted, “We want Trump”. “Stand and speak and vote your conscience.”

Meanwhile, the draft of the acceptance speech of the presumptive presidential nominee leaked hours before his rival Clinton’s super PAC.

The founder of Correct the Record, David Brock, said that the drafts were obtained from some republican source who “had access to it and they sent it to us.” The leakage of the acceptance speech and that from his part source has indicated how “loose and disorganized” the team is, he told Politico.

“We’re going to maintain the sources we have and see what we can get. If I were them, I would be a little freaked,” he said.

Trump has been insulting Cruz throughout his election campaign for the US presidential elections 2016. In a tweet, the possible US president wrote that Cruz did not keep his word. He mentioned about the promise that GOP candidates have signed to support the eventual nominee from the party.