Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s response to Donald Trump’s latest jab is equally rhetoric, revealing that he is just showing how “rattled” he is with the competition. When asked by ABC News for a comment, Cruz said that he has lost all respect for Trump and that he would not bet his children’s futures on the real estate mogul. He even added that he cannot imagine what he would do if Trump is elected United States President.

Cruz calls out Trump for tossing out new insults on a daily basis. He says that he has no intention of responding in any kind. The Senator also claimed that the more rattled Trump gets, the more he loses control and focus.

Trump’s most recent attack on Texas Sen. Cruz made headlines once again. Comparing Cruz to a small incapable infant, he further claims to have met much stronger people than the Texas native.

The billionaire’s latest attack on Cruz is similar to what he has done to Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor. In the past, Trump called Bush “low energy” throughout his campaigning months. With the race kicking out Bush, Trump is now looking for someone else to fill his speeches with, CNN reported.

Trump has adamantly berated Cruz’s character with regards to his positions on gun control and abortion, among others.  With Texas senator’s stand on these matters, Trump is now expecting to win Texas primaries.

However, even as Trump’s attack on Cruz continues, he is still focused on Sen. Marco Rubio, though holding back from antagonizing the Floridian. Trump claims to act nice to Rubio because the senator has yet to hit him, saying Rubio is a nice man.  Previously, Trump said that when Rubio finally hits him, it is going to be more fun for the both parties.

Meanwhile, Trump centers his rallies by asking the crowd if they knew what their plans were for that day.  He even advises his supporters to watch out for dishonesty. His lawyers, on the other hand, recently forwarded a letter to the Nevada GOP to question an alleged request of the Cruz campaign supporters to film at the caucus locations.