It is finally Valve’s turn to take action against a series of abusive players who are using a cheat engine software. Kotaku has the story on the rampant cheating in Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has been around for almost a decade, and more players are still playing this team-based first person shooter as a casual play or competitive play. But every popular game has its own fair share of cheats that are causing unfair advantage to some players.

One of the most popular cheat engines was LMAOBOX, a cheat program for Team Fortress 2. It enables features such as customizable aimbot functions, invisible aimbot and projectile predictions for weapons such as bow, rocket launcher and other known ranged weapons. It can even allow instant headshots when using a Sniper.

What makes it interesting is that the cheat program was undetected for several years, giving unfair advantage to cheaters and frustrating legit players in the game. But finally, Valve has added LMAOBOX to its Valve anti-cheat (VAC) detection list, meaning anyone using LMAOBOX will be caught.

As a result, over 3,000 accounts were banned, which is the biggest in VAC history. What makes it worse is that there are more than 160 players from the TF2 YGC League, one of the well-known gaming league of professional players, and the said bans on these certain players is an eye-opener to some.

Making sanctions to cheaters is a big start for Valve, as they are now preparing for Team Fortress 2 to go professional competitive gaming as soon they will be rolling out the new competitive mode that will be different from its original mechanics and balances.

Though it took them a long time to finally catch the LMAOBOX users, it is still a good start for them to introduce Team Fortress 2 to the competitive scene.