Taylor Swift won hearts at the 2015 MTV VMA, but what happened backstage seems to cause a stir. A video of Taylor posted after the awards show caught the 25-year-old red handed with something to her nose.

Has Taylor, after Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, resorted to taking cocaine?

No, her publicist clarified. According to The Daily Mail, Taylor’s publicist said the singer was just blowing her nose.
Understandably, Taylor didn’t want to be taped while doing so.

The video was taken from a backstage footage and was not aired on television.

According to reports by Metro.co.uk the that video emerged online shows Taylor walking backstage after performing at the Microsoft Theater in LA. At one point, the singer stopped and asked her assistants for something and was then seen putting something near her nose.

It was a raw computer footage which showed Taylor in low light holding something to her nose surrounded by three people.

The video was posted on Gawker and was viewed about 6,500 times before it was removed by Viacom.
The video was later checked in slow motion and it was found out that Taylor was really blowing her nose.

As if one controversy isn’t enough, Taylor is faced with another issue. Some have found Swift’s newest music video for “Wildest Dreams” racist.

The 22-year old is being criticized for romanticizing white colonialist and using Africa as a backdrop.

The video’s director, Joseph Kahn, has defended Taylor and the video via Twitter.

Taylor has yet to comment on the issue. And while she keeps mum, the music video continues to rise in the charts. It has more than 24.7 million views in Youtube already, just less than a week from its release.