The embattled pop singer recently resurfaced in the public eye. However, her beau was nowhere in sight. Could a Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split be on the horizon?

It has been awhile since fans saw or heard from Taylor Swift. The singer seemed to have kept a low profile following the bombshell dropped by Kim Kardashian via Snapchat a few weeks back. Thus, her appearance over the weekend at a party was a pleasant surprise. Moreover, she took to the stage for an impromptu performance with rapper Nelly. Previously, the two shared the stage during her 1989 Tour stop in St. Louis Missouri. At the time, they sang the rapper’s hit Hot in Herre with HAIM.

This time around, they did a duet of Dilemma. Initially, Nelly had to coax Taylor Swift to perform. Once on stage, Taylor Swift looked at ease. Moreover, her personal troubles seemed far away, as she got in the zone, according to Mail Online. However, did she get too comfortable on stage? Would it indicate the possibility of a Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split?

The birthday party was for oil heir Mike Hess, who was standing at the side of the stage watching the performance. Taylor Swift made her way to the celebrant then planted a kiss on his cheek followed by a stroke of his neck. They also danced together for a while. Should Tom Hiddleston be worried? It is widely known how dancing brought Taylor Swift and the actor together at the 2016 Met Gala although at the time, no one thought it would eventually lead to their publicized romance.

According to E! News, Hess and the pop singer are friends. Moreover, apart from their brief moment onstage, the singer spent most of the evening with her friend model Karlie Kloss. Thus, a Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split might not happen any time soon.

Watch Taylor Swift and Nelly duet of Dilemma.