Concerned parties for the welfare of Tom Hiddleston reportedly kept Taylor Swift away from the actor at Comic Con.

From Australia, the British actor traveled back to the US for the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. He joined fellow cast mates Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman at the presentation of Kong: Skull Island under Warner Bros. Tom Hiddleston also gave fans their first look at the movie that comes out in March 2017.

Yet the attention of everyone at the event seemed to be far from the movie. Given the media attention on his love life, many wondered where Taylor Swift was. The couple have been inseparable ever since their romance hit the headlines. Thus, everyone felt her marked absence beside Tom Hiddleston.

Then again, their split because of Comic Con albeit brief, was not intentional. As it turns out, the almighty studio behind Kong: Skull Island might have had a hand in it. The studio bosses supposedly deemed it best for Taylor Swift to stay away from the actor’s media events. Hence, despite his intention to bring his ladylove along, he could not.

“Tom did want to bring his new love but bosses ‘banned’ the singer as they ‘feared’ a Hiddleswift “circus,” The Mirror cited a report from The Sun that pointed to the involvement of Warner Bros. This seems to be the bigger issue facing the couple. Speculations are rife about how their relationship would affect his acting career. Sources suggested his association with the pop star might derail his chances to be the next James Bond. Their recent escapades broadcast by the media would be at odds with the prestigious reputation of 007. Tom Hiddleston recently admitted to the authenticity of their relationship to dispel rumors of a publicity stunt. However, it is a revelation that has yet to convince skeptics.

Watch the trailer of Kong: Skull Island.