News of the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split spread like wildfire across the Internet. No doubt everyone has an opinion about what happened to their whirlwind romance. Yet how did DJ Calvin Harris take the news of his ex-girlfriend’s latest breakup?

The world would recall the day when Hiddleswift became a couple. It was June 15 when photos of their beachside romance became public. Her split from Calvin Harris made headlines on June 1. Thus, despite earlier claims there was no drama, some could not help but wonder about his reaction to her new flame.

At the time, many thought his response came in the form of a breakup song. Perhaps a fitting tribute to the pop princess, yet it was not true. Despite its curious lyrics, John Newman’s Ole only featured the Scottish DJ.
This time around, the EDM artist was reportedly in London as news of the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split circulated. Harris apparently partied with Ellie Goulding the night before the news broke. Incidentally, the English singer was the one who brought the DJ and the pop princess together in the first place. Moreover, she is a known member of Taylor’s girl squad.

It is uncertain if the two were aware of what went down between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. As it turns out, Ellie presented Calvin with the Solo Musician of the Year award at the 19th Annual GQ Men of the Year Awards. Hollywood Life surmised the news might put him in a “good mood.”

Despite earlier claims of their no-drama breakup, the romance of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston likely stung the DJ. When news about her role in This Is What You Came For surfaced, Harris’ reaction opened the floodgates to a completely new drama in his ex-girlfriend’s life.

Would the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split bring about their reunion?