News of the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split has yet to subside but could there already be a new woman in the actor’s life?

The world witnessed their relationship blossom over the last three months. Every moment of their romance flooded the Internet. At the time, it seemed the couple were on their way to the altar. Yet it would seem each party had conflicting ideas about their relationship. Alas, the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split came as a surprise. Then again, it also seemed a relief for skeptics.

However, could the actor be ready to move on after his split from the singer? Tom Hiddleston was by himself at the Emmy Awards. Rumors hinted early on at his desire to bring Taylor Swift to the occasion due to his nomination. Hence, many thought it would mark their first official red carpet appearance as a couple. Nevertheless, Tom looked dashing and without a hint of despair. Then again, onlookers noticed the actor’s conduct with Priyanka Chopra during the Emmys, which led to speculations about something romantic between the two.

“Look, she’s stunning and it is almost impossible not to flirt with her when you talk to her because she is so beautiful and so nice. And add that Tom is so charismatic. That together — It was lightning between the two. But, it was way more friendly than romantic. They are not a couple,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively.

It is not surprising for many to try to put a romantic spin on anything involving Tom Hiddleston. Perhaps, they simply want to help him move on from Taylor Swift. Nevertheless, the pairing of Priyanka and Tom could prove interesting. As it happens, the names of both actors are notably mentioned on rumors about the next James Bond. Priyanka wants to play the agent herself. Tom is reportedly on the shortlist. Yet there might be a way to put them both in the next 007 movie. Could they be the ideal Mr. and Mrs. James Bond?

Has the actor found new love after the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split?