The Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split might have silver lining after all as the singer reportedly has new music in the pipeline.

Sadly, Hiddleswift is no more. Their personal beliefs about how their relationship should be, ended the three-month whirlwind romance witnessed by the whole world. As it turns out, Taylor Swift wanted to keep it private while Tom Hiddleston had no qualms about it being public.

Consequently, news of the Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split raised varied reactions. Some felt sad. Some felt relief, whereas others got excited at the possibility it presented. As many of her fans and even those who are not are aware, the singer is famous for her ability to pen a breakup song. Her earlier breakup from DJ Calvin Harris in June and then her subsequent hookup with the actor failed to produce one then. Hence, this could be the time for it.

Technically, she is due for another album. Based on her track record, Taylor Swift should have a new album out by October of this year. She released 1989 in 2014, Red in 2012, and Speak Now in 2010. Although reports earlier revealed she would not release a new album this year, a new clip posted on Snapchat could prove otherwise. Well, at the very least give her fans hope new music is coming their way, just not next month.

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini shared the clip on Snapchat. Incidentally, she is friends with Taylor Swift. While in Nashville last June Hiddleswift joined Ballerini and her partner on a double date according to Bustle. The song earned mixed reactions as some claim it is Taylor Swift on vocals while others say it is not. It might also be a collaboration between the two singers. Then again, the melody and lyrics feel like a Taylor Swift song.

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston split inspires singer’s next album?

“We didn’t know it, thought we could grow it, beautiful for a moment, we were roses,” part of the lyrics from the 10-second clip. Do the words sum up the Hiddleswift romance? Model Gigi Hadid did reveal the singer is back at work in the studio. However, will Taylor Swift surprise fans with an album with barely a month to go before October?