Calvin Harris opened his mouth and seemed to have resurrected the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The alleged falling out between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry started a few years back. Sources speculated it began in 2014 when the Bad Blood singer revealed the inspiration behind the hit song. Yet the feud likely grew with the tweet from Perry that many assumed to be a diss at Swift.

Any ill feelings either of them harbored against the other were mere speculations. That is until the recent Twitter rant of the Scottish DJ. Thus, Perry could not resist the opportunity to join in on the aftermath of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ split.

According to US Weekly, Perry’s tweets did not necessarily point to Swift in particular. However, her fans felt certain it was. For her first tweet, she shared a gif of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Perhaps, she felt Clinton’s gestures best represented her sentiments at the time.

Perry then reposted an old tweet from 2015 that read “Time, the ultimate truth teller.” @Katyperryy21 offered a possible explanation to the cryptic tweet along with a rather overjoyed picture of the singer.

Calvin Harris came out to confirm Swift’s role on This Is What You Came For though netizens had pointed out this particular information early on. However, his disclosure did not end there. Furthermore, no one likely anticipated the additional details he shared. As it turns out, the DJ was hurt when reports credited his ex-girlfriend for writing the lyrics to one of his songs, The Telegraph reported. However, his unhappiness might have deeper roots as he went on. His last two tweets came loud and clear.

Taylor Swift has yet to reply to the recent Twitter rant of her ex-boyfriend. More so to the cryptic messages from Katy Perry.