Worldwide obsession over Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston took a serious turn as experts weighed in on their romance.

This certainly proves that Hiddleswift is not going away anytime soon. Moreover, their latest round of PDA photos from the Fourth of July shows they will not go away quietly. However, the same images led to a conspiracy theory put together by fans who expect a music video from the couple to come out anytime soon.

“This Morning” host Holly Willoughby also expressed disappointment over the theory. Should the romance turn out to be a lie, then it would be a letdown for the show. As it turns out, they’ve reported about the couple since the news broke out. Hence, the popular British TV show likely thought it best to dissect the relationship with the help of professionals.

Willoughby introduced their segment as “Today’s Episode of Taylor’s Love Life,” Mail Online reported. Agony aunt columnist Deidre Sanders from “The Sun” and body language expert Darren Stanton came to weigh in on Hiddleswift. The panel analyzed the couple’s pictures starting from Rhode Island to Suffolk, to Rome, and of late, the Fourth of July. Stanton pointed out the conflicting actions from a couple who are supposedly in love.

“She’s not looking at Tom, she’s looking elsewhere. [While] his brows are together. Which suggests anger or frustration,” Stanton noted. Meanwhile, Sanders raised a valid point in reference to Hiddleston’s choice attire during the Fourth of July. She further recalled his acting credential as a Shakespearean artist. Yet, he could likely carry out a scene from “Henry V” while wearing his “I Love T.S.” tank top. Of course, the look would not be complete unless he has the painted heart shaped tattoo.

In the face of expert opinion, HollywoodLife cited insider information affirming the singer’s obsession with Hiddleston. Thus, it could possibly explain the honeymoon vibe she’s feeling now. Taylor Swift is supposedly elated that her beau is hot and the perfect gentleman, the source added. Moreover, Hiddleston seemed to pass the ultimate test of all time, he’s comfortable hanging out with her girl squad.