The latest Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston news brought one of the singer’s ex-boyfriend in the equation with a possible warning for her new beau.

The recent Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston news seemed to offer speculations about their relationship. Sources even hinted at their possible split in the midst of the controversy that continues to hound the singer. Her recent solo appearance at a private event raised concerns. Snaps from the birthday party caught her flirting with another man. However, it was all friendly as the singer and birthday celebrant are long-time friends.

Other Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston news focused on the singer’s impact to the actor’s image. Skeptics of their romance seemed certain their relationship would be hinder his career growth. Thus, people in charge allegedly banned her from joining the actor at a recent event. Hence, her marked absence beside her beau raised issues of problems between them.

The latest revelation from one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends would seem like a warning to Tom Hiddleston in the event of a split. It is a well-known fact that the singer and Taylor Lautner dated. US Weekly recalled their romance began on the set of the October 2009 film Valentine’s Day. However, their romance ended by December.

Taylor Lautner joined Screams co-stars Lea Michele and John Stamos for a Facebook Live chat. Perhaps due to the lack of topics to discuss, the conversation stirred its way to the actor’s lovelife. Then, it led to the question of which breakup song was about him. Lautner appeared uncomfortable and gave a rational response about the singer.
“That’s what she does. She writes songs,” Lautner said. Then again, the persistence of Lea Michele wore him out. Eventually, he admitted to the song Back to December. What kind of breakup song would be appropriate if the singer and actor do split?

Watch the video for Back to December. Stay tuned for more Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston news.