Ryan Reynolds seems to have his own opinion on the romance of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

Taylor Swift certainly knew how to celebrate the Fourth of July with style. The singer partied with prominent stars like herself as her guests included models, actors, and of course, superheroes. Hence, the photos from the occasion made headlines. Her celebrity friends included “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds and his lovely pregnant wife Blake Lively, “Orange is The New Black” Ruby Rose and her girlfriend, and “Suicide Squad” Cara Delevigne. Girl squad favorites in attendance were Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Annie Clark. Of course, “Thor 3” star Tom Hiddleston was there with his “I Love T.S.” tank, fake heart-shaped tattoo, and wide smile.

Movie Pilot reckoned Loki’s new relationship had tamed his evil ways. Although should they break up, the Avengers might come in to clean up his mess. However, they might require the help of the superhero team sooner than later. Could their powers help Ryan Reynolds who looked a bit pained to be at the party?


The Instagram post by Britany Maack showed the three couples seating side by side for a sunset PDA shot. However, the same post raised concerns for the “Deadpool” star among netizens, according to US Weekly. Hence, they shared their sentiments online. Although some tweets seemed to be more comic than fearful for his wellbeing. @jadealexxia noted Reynolds suffering in the photos from the party. @chrissierussell concurred with her idea.

Incidentally, @thisjenlewis shared her idea for movie posters using the Fourth of July photos from Swift’s party.

@RFraros helped voice out what Ryan Reynolds would have said but couldn’t at the time.

Although @coucouaaroun surmised, the actor might be deep in thought with ideas for the next “Deadpool” movie. Thus, did @speedmouse hit upon a brilliant plot for the sequel?

@ChesaChesa might have hit on an important realization for the actor then. This would be different from Hiddleston’s experience who seemed to enjoy his time with Swift’s girl squad.

Then again, @arfeiner is certain he might be thinking through the whole Hiddleswift phenomenon.

Everyone seems obsessed by the Hiddleswift romance. Even experts weighed in hoping to understand the phenomenon. However, the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston might be too much to figure out.