Taylor Swift is about to start her new “Love Story” with her rumored boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.  This might have blown Swift’s former boyfriend Calvin Harris‘ mind who deleted all traces of her from his social media account. Read the story below.

The news has spread like a wildfire in the entertainment world when the “22” songster was spotted cuddling and kissing “The Night Manger” actor on a beach in Rhode Island. People reports that became a little weird when her ex Calvin Harris did not react to Swift’s supposedly new love interest. On Thursday, the Scottish deejay was seen ‘all smiles’ as he arrived at the gym for a workout. His silence about the topic and the smile on his face have started to feed the curious minds around.  Then, later his twitter page vented out all his pain and frustrations.

Although the musical pair kept their relationship private for the most part, their occasional updates on social media keep the fans informed.  It seems both of them are now on a mission of ‘erasing all the past traces’. The images which were being shared to show their moments together have been removed by both parties.

According to CNN, the deejay who currently follows over 4,000 people on Twitter, officially unfollowed Swift. He also removed a tweet he wrote earlier this month about his split with Swift that read, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end and what remains is a tremendous amount of love and respect.” Swift has done the same. The Instagram queen, who has more than 81 million followers, has deleted all traces of Calvin Harris from her account.  However, she still follows Harris on Twitter. It may sound like a child-like act but sometimes such small steps help to soothe an aching heart.

Taylor Swift, 26 and Calvin Harris, 32  confirmed their  breakup  just  two weeks back. Rumors revealed that Swift was allegedly cheating on Harris which became one of the major reasons for the split. Swift’s speedy leap to a new man is leaving the world doubt if those allegations are factual.

If Swift and Hiddleston are really seeing each other, we can expect a new album is on the go from Swift to define her new love in the air.