Loyal #Swifties would know that their queen, Taylor Swift, has a lot of doppelgangers surfacing from time to time.

Now, reports suggest that another doppelganger has emerged! However, this time there is a twist: the doppelganger is a grandma!

Seventeen Magazine reports that a user (Christmaspencil) from the website Imgur uploaded a vintage photo of his/her grandmother in her younger days, and the resemblance with Taylor is so strong that you would think it is Taylor herself. You can check out the photo below to judge for yourself:

US Weekly further details that the Imgur user also shared the photo on Reddit. The user’s caption on the photo was quoted by the magazine as follows:

“When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner’s Brother.”

Indeed, the man beside the Taylor Swift look-alike also shares some semblance to the founder of “Playboy”.

US Weekly shares that this eerie similar photo of a stranger to Taylor Swift is not the first case of the pop star having doppelgangers.

The magazine recalls Olivia Sturgiss and Alex Hobbs who are both very close look-alikes of the “Shake it Off” singer. According to the magazine, Sturgiss is a girl from Australia who went viral because of her semblance to Taylor while Hobbs was bombarded by teen girls in a Forever 21 because they thought she was Taylor.

Meanwhile, US Weekly also details that another doppelganger looked very much like Taylor that the singer herself thought the look-alike was her. The magazine cites Tumblr user Morgan Jensen who took a selfie with best friend Kasey, another Taylor doppelganger.

Taylor then re-blogged the photo and revealed in the caption that she thought it was her.

However, after all this Taylor Swift look-alike talk, the question that is plaguing the Internet so far is this: What does the grandma look like now?