What a difference a year makes as Taylor Swift skips MTV VMA 2016. Yet is her absence voluntary or compulsory?

MTV VMA 2016 might a little less bright with the reported absence of Taylor Swift this year. Surprisingly, the pop princess has no nominations this time around—a plausible reason for her skipping the event. The attendance and performance of Kanye West could also be a contributing cause.

She and the rapper have yet to settle their latest feud reignited by the latter’s Famous song and music video. The addition of Kim Kardashian into the equation certainly complicated matters. Thus, a resolution might not be forthcoming yet.

Then again, could the influence of another artist be the cause behind her supposed decision to skip the event? The reported ban on Taylor Swift would be a trade off to ensure a performance of the other. The artist is none other than Beyoncé. MTO News cited a blind item report published by CrazyDaysandNights.com last July.

“July 27, 2016
This A+ list singer with the A+ list husband said she wouldn’t perform at an upcoming television show if this other A+ list singer was present. No problem. The network didn’t want the headache anyway.”

Reports posit the possible arrival of Hiddleswift and their first red carpet appearance might overshadow Beyoncé. Hence, the likely reason behind the ban. Many hope to see Queen Bey perform at MTV VMA 2016. Thus, could the early notice of Taylor’s absence be enough reason to expect a massive performance from Beyoncé?

Despite reports she is skipping this year’s event, the pop princess is currently in the Big Apple. Thus, it led to speculation that the rapper’s four minutes on stage could feature the pop princess. Then again, Celeb Dirty Laundry noted rumors of her possible trip Down Under to visit boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Would Taylor Swift prefer a visit to Tom Hiddleston over attending the MTV VMA 2016?