Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been the best of friends for quite a long time. However, their friendship might come to an end anytime soon. Swift was reportedly furious upon learning that Gomez hangs out with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora.

An earlier report revealed that Gomez had a photo with Swift’s arch nemesis, Katy Perry, at the Golden Globes party, but the “Bad Blood” singer was okay about it. This time, however, some reports claimed that Swift is about to lose her temper because Gomez had “broken the girl code” by having dinner with Rita Ora.

How did that happen?

Some reports stated that Gomez had unexpectedly seen the “Poison” singer with some friends. She then ended up having dinner with the group. Contrary to the rumor though, Swift was not angry at all. A source told Hollywood Life that Swift is not worried and that she trusts Gomez 100 percent. 

“Selena is the one who told Taylor that she had seen Rita with a group of friends. She has nothing to hide from Taylor and it’s not like she actually planned the get-together,” the insider explained. “Plus, Taylor knows Selena would never be outright rude to anyone. This is why she loves Selena so much. She has a huge heart and treats everyone with respect.”

Swift and Gomez were in fact recently pictured out leaving the gym together, reported the Daily Mail.

When it comes to Ora, the insider said that Swift and Harris are deeply involved with each other. Hence, Ora “doesn’t ruffle her feathers” at all.

Meanwhile, rumors about Gomez and Samuel Krost being a couple have surfaced. The two were spotted holding hands while leaving SLS hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday. An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that Gomez and Krost had dinner with friends and “looked like a couple.”

They were first seen holding hands at the “Glamour” Women of the Year Awards night in New York City on Nov. 9.