Are you a Swiftie who is always on the lookout for the next Taylor Swift new song? Or are you simply a music fan in general? Whichever category you fall, you finally have a chance to prove how big of a fan you are. You even become famous in the process!

All those things are possible through MTV’s new show. Dubbed MTV Video Swede, the show is a platform for fans to showcase their music videos. It should not be just any video, though. The fan’s creation should be a “shot for shot” remake of a singer’s or band’s official music video.

This means that the fan-submitted creation should mimic almost every aspect of the original MV. To have an idea of what exactly that entails, the official website of the show shares the following video.

Will a Taylor Swift new song work?

Unfortunately, the show has a specific list of songs for fans to choose from. However, there’s no need to fret. The list is an extensive one which gives you a lot of options. Some of the songs on the list are from 5 Seconds of Summer, the Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and many more.

If you’re considering your options, visit the complete song list here.

Meanwhile, we summarize the instructions for joining below:

1. Choose a song from the MTV Video Swede song list.
2. Click on the Apply Now tab to fill out the application and enter the necessary links.
3. Produce, shoot, and edit your music videos.
4. Upload your video file.

Note that this is simply a summary. Visit the official instruction page here for all the detailed steps. There are also specific rules regarding your video creation so read everything carefully. After you have accomplished everything, all you need is wait and see if MTV liked your video.

If they do, be prepared for all the good things that await you!

You may not be able to pick a Taylor Swift new song, but pretty sure you’ll see a perfect song to bring out your creativity. Check back for more news on MTV Video Swede.