Newly single Taylor Swift should be dating Kyrie Irving. That’s the opinion of former NBA player Kenny Smith. He pointed to Irving when asked to weigh in on the recent “Hiddleswift” fiasco that has rocked the entertainment headlines.

TMZ Sports caught up with Kenny Smith in Los Angeles recently, and the former NBA pro thinks that Taylor Swift should give basketball players a chance, too. Now that her latest romance with Avengers star Tom Hiddleston has gone south, Smith thinks that she should take a break from singers and actors, and shift to athletes.

Taylor Swift Should Date Athletes, Kyrie Irving in Particular

Not only does Smith think that Taylor should find a new man in the NBA, he’s even chosen a man for him. Smith singled out Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving as a potential candidate for Taylor. “Kyrie’s a good guy,” he said. “He’s got a little swag to him. He’s got a crazy tattoo that says ‘Friends’ from the TV show so he’s got a pop culture kind of feel,” says Smith.

Despite what Smith says, however, there is no evidence that points toward a budding relationship between Taylor Swift and Kyrie Irving. It is unclear if the two celebrities even know each other. Details of Taylor’s split from Tom Hiddleston are also unclear. According to Inquisitr, no one knows which one of them decided to dump the other.

Tom Hiddleston’s camp claims that he “grew tired of Taylor” and described him as a commitment-phobe. Meanwhile, reports from the singer’s camp say that she raised concerns about the publicity surrounding their relationship. But it seems that Tom ignored her pleas for more privacy. Regardless of the actual reason behind the split, both sides confirm that the three-month long romance has come to an abrupt end. The rest of the world is now eagerly awaiting Taylor’s version of the story in one of her upcoming hit singles.