If anyone can predict when the Taylor Swift new album drops, then why not a math wizard?

Fans of the 1989 hitmaker continue to speculate when her new album will drop. To date, Taylor has not given any hints about it. Thus, the suspense is likely upsetting for her loyal Swifties who rely on her two-year interval like clockwork since 2006.

Then again, the past few months have not been too kind to the songstress. She went through two breakups. Her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris ended in June. However, the same month saw her get together with actor Tom Hiddleston. Yet the relationship also ended three months later.

Despite the heartbreaks, fans saw it as an opportunity for Taylor Swift to do what she does best. Hence, many foresaw the potential for a breakup song hit to come. However, October has arrived and yet no album or is there?
If Emily Yahr of The Washington Post is right then the Taylor Swift new album could be her in a few weeks. Moreover, it would arrive within her October deadline. Apparently, Yahr solved the mystery through math. Hence, her theory is supposedly based on sound facts.

Swifties know the songstress’ fascination for the number 13 since it correlates with many milestones in her life. Her birthday, her first gold record, her Red Tour premiere, and more. Thus, Yahr surmised her new album will drop on 10/23/16. Why? Because adding up the numbers 1 + 0 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 6 equals? 13! While it might seem like too much of a coincidence and possible a stretch, the date does have some significance. As it turns out, the date is close to the tenth anniversary of her debut studio album.

Thus, could the Taylor Swift new album include the recently leaked snippet posted by Kelsea Ballerini?