Taylor Swift literally found her match in Melbourne, Australia. During her “1989” World tour, the singer met her lookalike – a fan named Olivia Sturgiss. Has Taylor found “Real Becky”?

Olivia Sturgiss sported a blonde bob and red lips just like her idol. But to everyone’s surprise, her facial features look very similar to Taylor’s. According to New York Daily News, Olivia and her friend Kristy Lee was invited to attend Taylor’s afterparty, Loft ’89.

During the meet-and-greet, they had their photo taken together with Taylor Swift in a “Charlie’s Angels” pose. Later, Olivia wrote on her Tumblr site,

“I still can’t believe it and connect the person I’ve watched for years online to the person I met. It was a dream.”

My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels #noitsliv #tayliv

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As mentioned on the site, Taylor Swift and her lookalike also share the same story. Olivia recently lost her mom after battling cancer. In April, Taylor announced that her mom is also struggling with the disease.

When the pop star read Olivia’s post about losing her mom on Tumblr, she wanted to offer her condolences in person. In her post, Olivia only wanted to request a song from Taylor. But fate decided that it was time for them to meet.

Before her viral photo with Taylor was taken, the Aussie fan admitted that she was already mistaken for the pop star. Speaking to Woman’s Day Australia, Olivia said she thought people was only joking about her resemblance with Taylor Swift.

She admitted,

“At first I didn’t think I looked like her. But then everyone kept coming up to me saying I did, so I just rolled with it.”

Horrible angle of me but my Christmas t-shirt arrived… #lovinit #imgoingtohell #christmas #wegonnapartylikeitsmybirthday

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Could Olivia be the person on the “Real Becky” meme which went viral last year? While there were fans who believed that it was indeed Taylor on the photo, some shook their heads. And the comment “No It’s Becky” became famous.

As the pop star found it hilarious, she even wore a “No It’s Becky” t-shirt.

But, no. Olivia isn’t the “Real Becky.” According to Hollywood Life, the meme is actually an old school picture of Taylor Swift.

Can we expect Olivia Sturgiss to appear on Taylor’s next music video?