Met Gala 2016 was filled with best and most awkward moments which were sort of inevitable for any events; however, the attention of the media was spawn into the arch enemies—Taylor Swift and Katy Perry—as they reportedly crossed each other’s paths.

The event, which was held at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC was attended by high-profile celebrities and the sight of two pop stars is a no-brainer. But according to Hollywood Life, it looks like the bad blood between the singers continues to run.

“Katy was worried only about her outfit at the MET Ball, she didn’t have any time to worry about running into Taylor or have an awkward encounter, plus it is easy to avoid people if you really need to,” the in-the-know source claimed. “She didn’t have Taylor on her mind, she was a non-factor in her preparation or fun or lack thereof for the night,” the source added.

Perry, who was looking gorgeous on her newly-dyed eyebrows, arrived with her new boyfriend, the suave Orlando Bloom. Meanwhile, Swift walked the red carpet wearing a silver-coated tight dress that matches the event’s theme, “Manus X Machina.”

Previously, Swift and Perry were also expected to run into each other at the recent Coachella Music Arts and Festival.  “Katy and Orlando want to go to Coachella and see Guns N’ Roses and that is looking to be their next big outing and date,” says source to another Hollywood Life article.

“And since the GNR show is another day from Harris there is no chance for a weird Swift encounter. So it is a win-win situation,” the insider continued. Many people are quite hoping that they will have an encounter but both of the artists aren’t commenting on the news yet.