Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at GLAAD Media Awards to honor “Orange is The New Black” actress Ruby Rose.

Swift presented Rose with Stephen F. Kolzak Award, which is presented to an LGBT media professional who made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance, Billboard wrote.

“Tonight I’m here to honor someone who through her words and through her actions, proves that she is a force of nature. She tells the world that no one can judge us and no one can stop us. She is a woman of many talents. She is my friend,” Swift announced.

On her acceptance speech, Rose thanked Swift and GLAAD, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Rose shared that a huge portion of her life, she was invisible, pitied herself, and thought that she was broken.  “I was out from the age of 12 and i felt discomfort in anything feminine. Still do. I practiced looking like a boy. Still do. I got appalled when I got breasts. Sometimes, still do. I spent a lot of time in a very vulnerable place with little to no support,” Rose stated.

She also revealed she was “stalked, verbally abused and beaten.” She admitted that the abuses led to several suicide attempts, but she eventually found solace in the library and in dreaming of future careers. “And I dreamt of being a famous singer or an actor who, through my work, could inspire others to be themselves or hang in there. I had no idea how I dreamt so big when I felt so small, but I know it got me through each day. I wanted to be the person I couldn’t find in my life,” Rose revealed.

Ruby Rose was an actress, model and DJ in Australian before she moved in the United States and landed a role in hit Netflix comedy-drama series, “Orange is The New Black.”

The OITNB actress also expressed on Instagram her gratitude for receiving the recognition. “Tonight was EVERYTHING… Thank you @taylorswift thank you@glaad thank you to everyone who came out to be part of an amazing night. I feel truly blessed and humbled. I’m going to go cry and hold my pillow like a teddy now because I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Meanwhile, Swift also posted a photo to Instagram of her and Rose kissing singer Troye Sivan, Entertainment Weekly nored. “My first GLAAD Awards!! So happy to present [Rose] with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award (and watch her make a touching, funny, and poignant speech) then we run into [Sivan]?!?!” she wrote.

Tune in to Logo on April 4 at 10 p.m. EST/PST to watch Rose’s full speech and the rest of Saturday night’s GLAAD Media Awards or check out GLAAD’s website here.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose is set to appear in the upcoming “xXx” reboot alongside Vin Diesel and Nina Dobrev.