It was a dream come true for a Taylor Swift fan in Australia, who will loss hearing anytime.

Jorja Hope, from Maitland in New South Wales, only wish is to hear her idol sing “Wildest Dreams” live in concert before she completely loss hearing due to an inner-ear condition.

On Saturday, Jorja, 12, was able to watch Taylor perform in Sydney, Australia, and she was able to meet the pop singer as well.

According to the Maitland Mercury, Jorja has a condition that causes “progressive, inner-ear hearing loss.”

Jorja’s mother, Melissa, told the paper, the first thing her daughter said when she found out her diagnosis was: “I won’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.”

“Jorja has battled her whole life from being born preemie with growth problems, to surgeries on her ears already and five surgeries for broken bones. She is a fighter, no matter what happens, she smiles and keeps going,” Melissa added.

It is not known when will Jorja completely lose her hearing, but it could happen any time. The teen was afraid she would never have the chance to hear Swift sing again if she missed the singer’s “1989” concert in Australia, reported.

Jorja’s twin sister, Chloe, started a hashtag, “#helpjorjameettaylorswiftsydney,” that went viral on social media.

Chloe also set up a Facebook campaign. Jorja and her sister Chloe were able to attend Swift’s show on Saturday after the campaign got picked up by a local radio station Nova 96.9.

Us Weekly quoted Melissa saying in an interview at Australia’s Today show: “Things like this happen to other people, not to people like us. It’s been a fairy tale.”

“[She’s] very, very amazing. And very pretty. Taylor Swift, she is my idol. She’s a good role model. I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was!” said Jorja on the show.