On Thursday, DJ Flume disclosed that his manager almost kicked out Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid during his Coachella set. It seemed like the blonde beauties were on a “full-on” dancing mode in an off-limits section during his performance.

Flume, a.k.a Harvey Streten, said that while he was playing at Coachella week two and his manager was watching the show out in the crowd, from the lighting desk.

He added that there were these two girls who came up and started dancing in front of him. They were on their extremity, he says.

He said that his manager felt disturbed a lot by the two and apparently needed to get those girls out of the place.


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“…so he went to kick them out and realized it was Taylor Swift and her friend that Gigi Hadid girl,” he said.

According to Perez Hilton, it looked like the manager knew better than to try and tell the pop princess what to do. The 24-year-old musician went on to elaborate that the two star’s nearby bodyguards refused to remove them from the area after being asked.

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Flume said that Taylor and Gigi’s security guard went up to the manager and goes “you’re not kicking them out.”

“It was all pretty funny,” Flume said.

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The incident reminds people not to go against the Blank Space singer’s security guard. However, a question lurks whether Flume’s manager really want to be famous as the guy who kicked Taylor out of Coachella or not.

The confession came from Flume’s behalf, moments after he released his 70-day worldwide tour. The tour includes his native country of Australia, says Daily Mail.

“It’s the biggest tour I’ve ever done with more than 70 dates around the world.” Flume said.

Flume is an inhabitant of Sydney. He is known for hits including “Holdin’ On,” “Never Be Like You” and “Bring You Down and Change.”

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He also talked about presale dates. He said to his fans: “See you out there.”