“Scream Queens” creator Ryan Murphy has included four new characters for the show’s second season. Now, many are asking – is Taylor Swift one of them?

According to HollywoodLife, Swift has been offered a role in the upcoming season of “Scream Queens.” Murphy revealed that he actually offered Swift a role in the show when he was just promoting its first season.

“I love Taylor Swift. I go after Taylor Swift for everything that I do. I have great affection for her,” he said. Murphy also claimed that the singer had been nice to him and frequently gave him gifts.

The showrunner added that he actually called her people about Swift’s  role, “but she had already booked a tour, and I said, just do one episode, but she couldn’t even do that.”

However, Murphy is still optimistic about having the singer in the show in the future and added that he is a big fan of Swift.

Now, after months of waiting for the singer’s schedule to clear up, an insider revealed to HollywoodLife that Murphy’s desire for Swift to be a part of the “Scream Queens” is slowly taking shape.

“And now that she has some time on her hands with no tour obligations, she is considering to take a part on the show,” the source said.

The insider added that Murphy is preparing to write a character that the singer could never turn down.

“Ryan wants to write her a character so good that she has no reason to say No,” the source noted.

There were also reports that Murphy has been in contact with “a big pop star… a male pop star” to star in season two, hinting a possible a Harry Styles-Taylor Swift reunion.

Lea Michele earlier revealed that One Direction member Styles could be on the show next season.

Michele was quoted as saying, “I also heard a rumor that [Ryan Murphy] may, I don’t know if this is true, but he said at a press thing recently that he is talking to a male pop star to come for next year. If it’s Harry Styles, everybody better calm down. I love One Direction. Everybody knows this.”