Did Demi Lovato throw shade at Taylor Swift? The “Confident” singer took to Twitter to voice her support for Kesha.

According to Buzzfeed, though, one of her tweets could be seen as “a subtle dig” at  Swift.

Swift has yet to comment about Kesha’s predicament. Despite the fact that Swift has previously made many attempts to make herself look like a girl power advocate. Lovato’s unfiltered thoughts on women empowerment seem to be a jab at the “Shake It Off” singer.

“Women empowerment is using your voice to help the voiceless women be heard. [It] is leading other women to make actual changes in our society,” Lovato added.

It’s not very women empowering to pit women against each other. However, according to Cosmopolitan, Lovato also liked a tweet which names Swift as the “self-proclaimed feminist.”


Kesha recently lost a legal battle against her alleged rapist. The “Tik Tok” singer wanted to sever ties with producer Dr. Luke. She claimed she no longer felt safe working with him after he allegedly raped her. Kesha said Dr. Luke even used a date rape drug on her. Dr. Luke also allegedly threatened to destroy Kesha’s career and family if she told anyone.

Kesha is signed with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. The producer insists the pop star is merely extorting from him. He has also denied her sexual abuse allegations. Kesha has requested to be released from her contract with Kemosabe Records. However, the judge ruled against her. Kesha’s career has stalled because of this whole mess. She couldn’t even release her own music.

Demi Lovato isn’t the only one speaking out on this issue. Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles, and Janelle Monae have also come forward. Even Swift’s squad member Lorde has come out to support Kesha.

Swift and Lovato both performed at the Grammy Awards this year.