The mural meant to memorialize pop star Taylor Swift following her “death” on social media also passed away.

Melbourne-based graffiti artist Lushsux made the discovery following a tip he received via Snapchat. Overnight, the image of Harambe took the place of Swift in the considerably sized mural he created along Hosier Lane. Even the accompanying epitaph that read “In loving memory to Taylor Smith 1989-2016” changed. It now honors the fallen gorilla gunned down in a Cincinnati Zoo last May.

Lushsux Does Not Create Exclusive Graffiti for Taylor Swift

Lushsux recreated the nude selfie of Kim Kardashian as a gigantic wall painting earlier this year. He meant to poke fun at the current situation of the pop princess with his latest mural, according to the Herald Sun. The Kimye feud was elevated to new heights with the entry of the rapper’s wife into the fray. Her Snapchat exposed a phone conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift last January. Hence, the Internet has had a field day following the #KimExposedTaylorParty. Yet their reactions were limited only to social media with a variety of memes and gifs.

The damage did not seem to upset Lushsux, who just laughed at the turn of events. The area where he placed the mural is infamous for such acts, the artist noted. Moreover, he revealed plans to create something bigger rather than restore his work to its original state. However, he did not yet mention where he plans to set up another mural. Despite the slight change in the last name from Swift to Smith, the likeness pictured in the mural depicted the pop princess. Hence, Swift’s lawyers had apparently contacted Lushsux, who also posted about it on Instagram.

Prior to the changes made to the mural, Lushsux encouraged others to pass by the mural on Hosier Lane. Moreover, he requested people to take photos and post them online.

Should I fix up sweet princess Tay Tay's wall?

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Taylor Swift is currently in Australia. The pop princess came with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, who is currently filming Thor: Ragnarok Down Under.