Taylor Swift may have been cheating on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston. At least that’s what the Scottish DJ feels like after his ex has been seen kissing the Thor actor.

According to E! News, Calvin always doubted that the American singer was cheating on him while they were in a relation. However, he never knew who that person was. Now that everyone has seen Taylor kissing Tom, Calvin believes his doubts are now confirmed.

Calvin feels the kissing “changes everything.” “He is so angry and feels betrayed,” one of his friends says. “He is convinced that Taylor was cheating with Tom while they were still together.”

While it is reported that Taylor may have been unfaithful in her relation with Calvin, multiple sources claim otherwise as well. Other sources claim Taylor never cheated on Calvin.

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Sources also say that the pop diva did not even flirt with the British actor while they danced at a MET Gala after-party. But, there was definitely “an instant spark” between the two.

Nevertheless, it took just two weeks after the break up. The scene was set on a Rhode Island beach in the United States. Taylor went public about her romance with the future James Bond actor.

A source told The Sun that the romance has been there since the two met. “Tom has been courting Taylor since they met – he sent her flowers,” the source says. “She’s been won over.”

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Taylor and Calvin decided to remain friends even after their break-up. However, if Calvin is convinced that his former girlfriend cheated on him, the relation may turn sour.

An insider claims Calvin has “nothing to do with” Taylor now. On the other hand, Taylor already felt “rejected” by the end of her relation with Calvin.

Taylor Swift wants to “feel special again,” a source reveals. And the one who can make her feel so may be Tom, who is excited to be with her.