Favourite music couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris just celebrated their first anniversary and the world is already buzzing with wedding speculations where the singer-songwriter reportedly said no to a prenup.

With $280 million in Swift’s bank account, a prenup is not surprising if she gets married as it is acceptable and common especially to celebs with big bank accounts. Shockingly, it was the “Shake It Off” hitmaker who didn’t want a prenup according to a source close to Swift as published in OK Magazine.

“They’re madly in love, and they’ve both accumulated so much wealth that they’d have no need to go after each other’s as in a split,” Swift’s friend told OK Magazine. “But most importantly, they’re confident a split won’t happen.”

In this situation, it’s not like Harris is struggling. Hollywood Life reports that he is regarded as “the world’s highest-paid DJ,” where he gets paid $400,000 per gig. If we do the math that is around $66 million yearly for the hot DJ.

Although the money Harris earns seems large for normal people, it still doesn’t compare to Swift’s $1 million per day or up to $280 million a year.

“Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married,” added the Ok Magazine source. “She thinks it’s so unromantic — it’s like giving up before you even start. When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required.”

“Her dad and her whole money team are going to want her to sign one, of course,” the source explained. “But Taylor just thinks the whole topic is so distasteful — they’ll be fighting her on it.”

The two love birds just came back from a much-deserved tropical getaway to celebrate their first year together. Aside from the cake and Harris’ heart, the two also shared on their Instagram accounts a photo of them sharing a kiss while on the beach with Swift’s leg propped back just like in the movies.