For those who still can’t get over the Taylor Swift Calvin Harris romance, you’re in for a treat. There may be a secret love duet hiding in a song in your playlist.

Taylor Swift might have left Calvin Harris for Tom Hiddleston but she left him something to remember her by. And that is a secret love duet.

Though technically not a duet between the two of them because there was another singer in the track. No, there was no third party to the Taylor Swift Calvin Harris pairing.

Calvin Harris’ hit “This Is What You Came For” has Taylor Swift’s background vocals.

Yes, Rihanna may have sung it but some fine tuned ears at Glamour had a thought that maybe the “ooos” in the track was Taylor Swift.

After Glamour’s theory, Hollywood Life investigated.

Investigation results show that Taylor Swift indeed collaborated with then beau Calvin for the hit.

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Though Rihanna does some of the ooo-ing, Taylor Swift provides additional background vocals which stayed even after her breakup with Harris.

If you take a listen, pay attention to 0:35, 0:39, 0:43, 1:21, 1:25, 1:29, 2:39, 2:43, 2:47, 3:41, 3:44, and 3:48 as identified by Glamour.

As Hollywood Life’s investigation reveals, these are all Taylor Swifts vocals.

“This is 10,000% true,” a source tells

Moreover, the pair was still together when they recorded this Taylor Swift Calvin Harris secret love duet. Thus, the collaboration was more than likely to have happened.

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If, however, what you came for is Taylor Swift’s love song or break up song inspired by Calvin Harris, you may need to wait a bit longer.

While Hiddleswift is still going strong, Taylor Swift might not be returning to the recording studio anytime soon.

E! reports Taylor has already introduced Tom to her parents last Thursday. If this is any indication, Hiddleswift is still in the middle of the honeymoon phase.

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris has reportedly broken his silence regarding his breakup with Taylor Swift on Instagram. Based on his comments, he’s not jealous of Taylor Swift’s new beau. Instead, he is reveling in the fact that he is now free.

So while fans of the bygone romance period of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris might never see them ever get back together, listening to Taylor Swift Calvin Harris secret love duet may just be the meditative song you need.