News about Taylor Swift from Down Under that has nothing to do with her current controversy is a reason to cheer for.

In the midst of the storm surrounding Taylor Swift, an Aussie artist recently expressed her gratitude to the pop artist. The two have yet to meet personally. However, the impact of Swift’s tweet one fateful day in October last year had a lasting impression on the music of Emmi.

Taylor Swift listed her song Sleep On It among several titles that she promised would make life more awesome for listeners. Although her name was misspelled, it did not stop people from adding her song to their playlists. Eventually talent scouts noticed her as well. As a result, the London-based Australian singer returned home to sign a recording deal.

“When Taylor included it, I landed on so many other playlists, people who probably would not have given me the time of day before now knew who I was — even though she spelt my name wrong, which I loved. I wondered if I should change it to her spelling,” Emmi said.

More opportunities opened up for Emmi. Listeners in Britain took note of her other singles like My Kinda Swag and You Said You Loved Me. Her latest collaborative work on Blind with French DJ Feder has streamed over 20 million times. Telling stories through her music is her passion according to Emmi.

Emmi revealed she is able to translate her music visually given her background in acting and dance. Hence, she choreographs her own videos. Last July, Emmi posted a letter to Taylor Swift upon learning that they would be in Australia at around the same time. She expressed her gratitude and wished the pop star a good time Down Under, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Check out what Emmi wrote to Taylor Swift below.

Watch the Lyric Video of  Sleep on It by Emmi.