Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston continue to make headlines from Down Under. This time around, an Australian reporter might have spooked the actor who ran away when asked about his pop star girlfriend.

The British actor is Down Under as production for “Thor 3” is underway in the Gold Coast. He is back to resume his role as Loki alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. However, the excitement of Australian fans seems directed towards his famous companion who came with him. Swift reportedly plans to take a break from her music career. Thus, sources expect the pop star to stick around for a few months in Australia throughout filming.

Although it has only been about a month since Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston went public with their relationship, it seems the actor is not yet ready to answer questions about his girlfriend yet. While out for a run, reporter Hayley Webb asked him about Swift. The outcome was awkward, Cosmopolitan remarked. The actor remained polite and nice before he ran away from her.

“How’s Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?” Webb asked Hiddleston prior to the start of his beach run. The actor clearly had no script prepared and gave out a somewhat nervous laugh before exercising his right to remain silent. His uneasiness became more evident when asked about their plans while in the Gold Coast. Hence, the activities of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston while in Australia remain a mystery to date.

As it turns out, the actor was in Australia earlier to film “Kong: Skull Island.” Hiddleston joins Brie Larson, John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson in the reboot. However, the actor can expect more attention to come this time around. Aside from paparazzi and media following them around, fans have also come forward. Hiddleston greeted fans after his hour-long run. The actor even rendered one young female fan overwhelming joy after obliging to a photograph. Superfan Bella Terlich and her family traveled for three hours just to see Hiddleston. Swifties are camped outside the hotel where Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are staying in the hopes of seeing their idol.

According to Webb, the number of Instagram followers of Swift jumped to 85 million in just a matter of hours. Hence, the reporter surmised that one snap Down Under would certainly put the country in the international limelight.