Taylor Swift is  the ruler of the music industry and the 26-year-old star may not be a country princess any more . But here are the list of 20 things you must know about “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Star”.

  1. Taylor was given the name by her mom  so that she does not face any gender issues when she grows up.It was also after the singer James Taylor.
  2. The song from the album Speak Now- Innocent specifically refers to Kanye West and the insult she faced at 2009 MTV Music Video Award Show. The song has the lyrics “32 and still growing up now.”
  3.  Her grandmother was an opera singer, reports Vogue.
  4. Her brother Austin Swift goes to Vanderbit University and is a professional photographer.

5.The song Fifteen from Fearless features her best friend Abigail Anderson

6. She likes wearing mismatched things.She even wears mismatched socks.

7.She loves old buildings and studying about the history

8.Before becoming famous the country singer used to  extensively practice playing guitar till the point her fingers used to bleed.

9.She forced her parents to move to Nashville to pursue her dreams of country music.

10.She loves number 13 and has even said that if she ever has a tattoo in her life  in will be the number 13

11.She loves the color White.

12.Her cat is named Meredith after the Grey’s Anatomy’s character, reports LolWot.

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13. The first song she ever wrote was called “Lucky You”.

14. She loves baking and eating cookies.

15. She watches Law and Order, Mindy Project and Girls.

16. She acted in the serial CSI Crime Scene Investigation which features her song “You are not Sorry”.

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17.In the video of You Belong With Me, the brunette with Lucas Till is Taylor Swift .

18. Her father Scott Swift is her biggest fan. She wrote a song “The Best Day” for her family.

19.She dated Connor Kennedy of the Kennedy family and wrote Everything Has Changed about him and Starlight is about Ethel and Bobby Kennedy.

20. The fans of Taylor Swift are called Swifties and first online platform Taylor Swift used for interacting with her fans is MySpace.